Bring Your Story To Life.

Your customers want to connect with you; they want to see you, hear you and get a peek behind the scenes. Video makes you real to them, especially if they’ll never meet you in person. So what kind of video would work best for your business? We’ll talk you through your options. From product demos to sharing the thought process behind your latest offering, video can bring a new level of depth to your business.

We offer a variety of marketing videos:
animated explainer videos, video intros/outros, and social media shorts. 

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Animated Explainer Videos

An explainer video is a short video (usually under two minutes) used to introduce a new product, company, event or idea. It’s similar to a 30 second elevator pitch, but with engaging visuals. We create animated explainer videos and loops with a casual, fun vibe. Pricing includes script, storyboard, professional voiceover and animation.

$850 per finished minute: Whiteboard animation (Custom)
$1,000 per finished minute: Infographic animation (Templated)
$2,000 per finished minute: Custom Infographic animation plus all other styles

Explainer Videos – Animation Styles


Infographics have been our most popular style of animated explainer videos. We use a simple combination of text, shapes, images and video to portray a more complex product, service, idea or event. These can turn out to look very different depending on the mood of the visuals, the script’s storyline and audiobed but the biggest thing in common is that they are all text-driven.


This style doesn’t need much explaining as so many of us grew up watching Saturday morning cartoons. Cartoon explainer videos will have characters interacting in different settings, acting out the script. The characters can speak to one another of course, but more frequently, you’ll hear a narrator tell the story and the characters will act out the storyline.

Whiteboard Scribing

Whiteboard scribing looks like a marker drawing on a whiteboard, similar to in a conference room. As the narrator tells the story, corresponding imagery is drawn on the whiteboard. These videos can be black & white but tend to perform better when pops of color are included to refocus the viewer’s attention. We recommend whiteboard explainers when the product or service is very complex. The simple, clean look of a whiteboard can help avoid clutter or distraction.

Stick Figures

Ever sketch your ideas down on a napkin? Stick figure video take those ideas and bring them to life. Stick figure explainers videos are stripped down, basic and keep the focus on your concept. This makes it another great choice for explaining a complex product, service or concept as long as the whimsical feel matches your branding.


Want to show rather than tell? A screencast is the way to go. Screencasts are digital recordings of what’s happening on your computer screen and are almost always accompanied by narration. We’ll work with you to record both the video and audio (especially if you’re shy on the mic). Pair your screencast with a stunning intro and you’ll be turning heads!

Stop Motion

This is a technique used to makes static objects appear as if they were moving. The object is moved in very small increments between individually photographed frames, creating the illusion of movement when the series of frames is played together as a continuous sequence. This is a unique style that we’ve seen work well with tech-focused industries.

Intro Videos

Sometimes called an intro video, sometimes called a logo sting, this short video allows you to brand any other videos that you may use for your business. It looks super professional and makes sure your viewers consistently see your logo every time they watch your video content, which is especially important if your content is shared!

$100 investment
Quick turn-around + 1 round of revisions included

Social Media Shorts

Need a short video to promote a new product or service on social media? Want your holiday message to stick out from the rest? Then you need a video! Our social media shorts are under 15 seconds long so they can be posted on Instagram. We can include your logo, your message and match the colors to your brand. Can be delivered with or without music in the background.

One for $50; Five for $200
Quick turn-around + 1 round of revisions included

Why Use Video?

Improve Email Click-Thru's

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When executed properly, you can expect to see 2-3x higher click-thru rates when you include video in an email campaign.*

Video as an SEO Tactic

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On Google, an indexed video stands a 50x greater chance of ranking on the 1st results page than any textual page.**

*Forrester report, “As seen in the inbox, assessing online video in the inbox”
** Forrester Research
  • Increase in a potential customer’s propensity to buy after watching video ( 64%
  • C-Suite Executives that watch work-related online videos on business websites at least weekly ( 75%
  • Internet users that recall watching a video ad on a website they visited in the last 30 days (Online Publishers Association) 80%

3 Benefits of Video Marketing