Video content is incredibly engaging for people – everyone wants to be scrolling through their Facebook or Instagram feed and have movement catch their eye! While you never know if it’s a funny cat video or someone’s husband caught on camera doing something embarrassing, chances are it’s going to be better than seeing what your neighbor had for dinner last night. While you don’t want to go all out and over-produce a video, there are a few quick tips and tricks that can help you look savvy.

Video Engagement

Did you know that social media feeds are weighted to show pictures of people more often than status updates that do not include images? The same holds true for video, only to a greater degree. Facebook and Twitter algorithms are smart, and they know what people are most likely to be interested in, and that’s what gets shown in your social feeds. By adding video to your marketing mix, you’re getting higher levels of earned media engagement without spending a dime.

Get Snazzy

Just because you’re shooting your video on an iPhone doesn’t mean you can’t add a little pizzazz! If you’re taking product shots to use as part of a montage, add some color or interest by including craft paper in the background. While you certainly CAN take pictures of your products sitting on the desk in front of your computer, why would you want to?

Vary Your Location

Changing the venue can make a huge difference, especially if your office is a little…well…bland. Find an interesting outdoor location or even look for ways to shoot in a non-standard space such as a deserted warehouse where you can find some cool brick or interesting structures. Sometimes you can even make that part of the video–have people guess where you’re filming this week for a special prize!

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