Even if you have the social media game down, keeping up with everything is an entirely different thing. There are so many different social media websites and depending on how many you have chosen for your business or blog, you could be attempting to keep up with hundreds up updated every week and month. The social media updates quickly add up and if you do not keep track of them and plan them out, you can fall behind and lose some of your audience.

There are things that have to happen on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis. It can be almost impossible to keep up with all checklist graphicof these things if you do not have a system. Most people try to keep up with their tasks and social media posts on their own, without a list or process of some kind, and tend to fall short or miss things because they are not asking themselves the right questions. With as busy as having a website or blog can be, no one expects you to be super human and complete everything.

To be successful with your social media plan, you need to take the time to organize it and plan it out. Not only that, you need to have a way to keep up with it on a daily basis. One of the easiest ways to do that is by having a social media checklist. Our free download not only helps you with planning out your various posts, but also provides guidance to help you keep up with major holidays and even goals you have set for yourself. With our guide, it can be as easy as pie and you will never forget to plan a post around major events and holidays again. Simply take some time to plan your social media posts with our checklist and then check them off as you or your teammates complete them.

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