We love creating brands that reflect your style
while delivering an effective marketing tool for your business for years to come.

We aim to be more than your website design company; we are brand consultants and sounding boards. Our backgrounds in marketing, business and design are put to work to build a brand that tells your story, engages your audience and uncovers your unique purpose.

We offer a variety of high-impact branding services:
logos, design, and copywriting . 

Brand Package

Your brand is your first impression so a logo is obviously important. But it doesn’t stop there! Your brand needs to be consistent across your entire digital footprint. Our Brand Package includes a stunning new logo, a secondary logo option, a custom color palette brand style board with 2 patterns, submark or brand element (like an icon, for example), font recommendations, business card design, plus new cover + profile images for up to two social media platforms.

Brand Package – $800
Logo only – $400

Building Your Brand

Below are our steps for creating your unique brand.


Our team begins by getting to know your business and your immediate competition before identifying new opportunities that will benefit your business the most.


Our creative process starts with the development of a mood board that reflects the style of your brand. This will give us direction during the design process. Using the mood board as inspiration, we create several logo variations.


We’ll review your logos together and, to make sure the final logo is perfect, we’ll go through up to two refinements on your favorite option. Up next is the brand board, which encompasses key branding elements like a secondary logo, sub marks and patterns.


We complete your brand’s look by applying it to printed elements (business cards, stickers, letterhead) and social media (Facebook and Twitter). By creating a consistent look across print and digital branding elements, you’ll be ready to establish and grow a strong brand presence.

More Design Services



If you are managing your own email marketing campaigns or newsletter, we suggest a custom designed template for your brand. You will be able to use the same look and feel for each emailer so you have brand consistency. Yay! We will log into your email marketing service account (ie. Mailchimp, Constant Contact), upload your custom design and all you have to do is drop in your content. If you don’t want to write the emailers yourself, check out our copywriting services below.

$100 per email design



Every business is different, so naturally every marketing strategy is unique. No matter what your marketing strategy, it’s critical that your copy supports and reflects your brand in a way that builds your business. Press releases, brochures, newsletters—we can help with the design and copy for these and a long list of other communications!

$75 per project, up to 650 words



So you are diving into digital advertising? Great! It’s important that your digital ad banners match your brand, but also that they convert. When we create your digital ad banners, we’ll talk to you in-depth about your goals and overall strategy…like what do you want your lead to do? Click to buy? Click for more information? We will design with your end goal in mind and provide you with five sizes of each design, depending on where you will be running your ads.

$200 per design, 5 sizes